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               Born in 1982, I started drawing at an early age.  I graduated from the University of Houston in 2007 with a bachelor degree in fine arts.  I am a member of the Art League of Houston and also attended art classes there.  Since then I started my own business and live and work in Houston, TX.  The main subject matter that is focused in all of my work is the human figure.  I have been commissioned to paint numerous portraits in and around the Houston area.  My figurative paintings have been displayed in galleries primarily in the Southwest.   I can be classified as an oil painter and use that medium exclusively for all of my paintings. The technique I use to paint is the premier coup method (direct attack) or simply meaning to paint wet on wet. For my portrait drawings I use charcoal mostly and graphite as well.  Before creating any piece I try to remind myself each and every time to keep things simple.  You can over complicate things pretty quickly and I try to make every brushstroke count.   In my figurative work I use a graphic style but still try to make it something that people can still relate too.  I have been influenced by a many different portrait artists.  The artists that have impacted me most include John Singer Sargent, John Howard Sanden, Michael Shane Neal, and Malcolm T. Liepke.  


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Matthew Turley Fine Art
17514 Seidel Drive
Tomball, TX  77375

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